Couples Therapy

Giving couples a sense of hope
When I meet with couples in distress, I know they need to leave our first meeting with a feeling of encouragement and hope for their relationship. I know they are both longing for more closeness and connection with each other and need help in overcoming the ways they have unknowingly kept themselves distant emotionally.

Helping couples overcome emotional distance
I help couples access feelings and then encourage them to express these feelings to their partner. When this happens couples have a sense of relief at feeling understood by they person they loved most. Often, both partners need to feel more appreciated. It is our nature to need to feel wanted (secure) and appreciated (valued) in our significant relationships.

Providing a safe and structured way to communicate emotions
I have an effective technique for working with couples to help them communicate emotionally so that each partner gets to feel understood in the interaction. This experience is soothing to both partners and is a positive reinforcement for continuing to talk about feelings and issues that have been too frightening to approach prior to coming to therapy.

Enjoying the rewards of couples therapy
It has been extremely rewarding to me over the years to see couples blossom when they experience connecting with each other at an emotional level they had either not known prior to coming to therapy or had lost over the years due to busy careers, managing their homes, and raising families.

Working with couples in recovery
Much of my couples work has been with couples in the recovery process. Early recovery is a challenging time for couples. My understanding of the stages of recovery can help couples regain the closeness and intimacy they have lost during active addiction.

Providing pre-marital counseling
I also offer pre-marital counseling and work strategically with newly wed couples to help them establish effective ways of communicating early on in their relationship. It is such a privilege to be part of clients’ lives during these important stages of their development as couples. In these meetings we explore each partner’s values, career goals, financial goals, each partner’s expectations regarding how family will be related to, and thoughts as well as feelings about having children. I also use the Meyers-Briggs Typology to facilitate understanding about basic personality differences and approaches to life.